• In the western culture cacao is known as a super-food. Yes! Because this plant has such rich ingredients that nurture our physical body. Next to the physical nourishment cacao positively influences our hormonal balance and is therefore directly connected to our emotional well-being.

  • Medicinal Cacao

    A small collection of its effects on the physical body



    Raw, unroasted cacaopaste is rich on important minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium



    Digestion, blood pressure and energy level are brought into their natural balance



    Pure cacao supplies the body with the "feel good cemical" Serotonin and helps the natural Serotonin production



    Due to the Theobromine our brain gets up to 40% more oxygen. This supports visioning and new perspectives



    Cacao contains high amounts of antioxidants which detox the body and support long lasting vitality and health

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    I am right now back in Central America to keep on learning and researching around cacao, medicinal plants and the ancestral ceremony traditions.



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  • About me

    My Name is Ramona. I was born in the Swiss mountains and raised by a mother with great knowledge of homeopathy and naturopathic practice. Plants and their use for physical and mental health became part of my life from a very young age.


    In winter 2013 I participated in a cacao ceremony for the first time. Back then I had no clue what this ceremony was actually about but the experience touched me deeply. I was not sure whether it was the whole setting or the plant itself that allowed me to perceive myself and life around me more clearly.


    Through this experience a new learning-path emerged for me. Following this curiosity brought me to Costa Rica. There I learned intensely with a woman who is closely in touch with the Bribri tribe that is native to this area. The Bribri are a people traditionally connected to the Cacao-plant through Ceremonies until the present day.

    Now my research journeys bring me to places in Central- and South America where I am connecting to the ethnobotanical knowledge and the Amazonian shamanism.. and also back to the beautiful Swiss landscapes where wild herbs are naturally part of my daily cuisine.

    I am a passionate singer and songwriter. The songs I sing in the cacao ceremonies are brought from the jungles into the center of our circles. The songs are mostly very old and have been sung in many many hundred plant ceremonies around the world before.

    In 2014 I started my education in personal coaching and process work and I hold intentional spaces around personal growth and well-being since 2016.

  • Order Ceremonial Cacao

    90g bars or 1kg blocks of Ceremonial Cacao (Criollo) from Costa Rica. unroasted, therefore specially creamy and completely alive

    -fruits are harvested with awareness
    -beans fermented for 6 days
    -sun dried for another 6 days
    -peeled without roasting process
    -grained in low temperature for 46hrs

    raw & organic cacao paste, with all its rich oil (cacaobutter) and ingredients unchanged, nothing added.

    **I ship within Switzerland and the EU

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